Established in HK over 35 years. Hair Corner is a lifestyle platform providing not only all kinds of hair & beauty related services, a wholesaler/ retailer of hair and skin care products, but also a wellness expert on hair transplant, hair spa and health consultation. 

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Hair Corner actively participates in the "Bye Bye Microbead Charter" action of the Environmental Protection Department. The facial cleanser, shower gel, and shampoo sold by "Hair corner"/"These" do not contain microbeads, so it actively participates in Hong Kong's environmental protection The Department of Protection officially launched a voluntary...

To celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Langham Place LOBBY by Hair Corner, our store held a celebration event on July 30th. We would like to thank all the KOLs and Internet celebrities who attended that day for drawing a perfect conclusion to the event. LOBBY by Hair Corner will continue to bring you high-quality hair services.


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