Les Ornates originates from France but has built its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong in the hope of breeding a Les Ornate empire of transnational presence. The founders of this institution can be branded prolific pioneers in the field. With their expert experience in the field for over a decade, we can without a doubt trust that Les Ornates can professionally fuse beauty and science into magical alchemy, offering tailor-made care that is customized to each and every individual depending on their genetic needs.

Vice Versa

(U Curl Professional Clipless Styler)

Vice Versa Professional U Curl Clipless Styler is a hair styling tool to provide you with the perfectly straight, curly or volume hair and with smooth and shiny effect. Vice Versa is small in size and easy to handle, and with the universal voltage. Create your hairstyle anytime anywhere just like a professional hairstylist. 


Hong Kong's great size and health of the haircare brand. Always uphold; "safe, natural, balanced, without the burden". These are the first to combine Chinese medicine with technology and the concept of environmental protection. In Hong Kong and mainland China, These have become a professional hairdressing market; "dual scalp hair care conditioning experts"; the brand stands for. With providing excellent services, and became an important role in the hair industry.


Ie. Pro Style is a Hong Kong professional scalp and hair care brand, based on the concept of health balance, offered "clean", "tune", "therapy", "support" as the core of the rigorous theoretical system. Providing comprehensive and professional hair scalp care products gives restoration of healthy hair and natural shine.  

Hair Corner, home brand, developed by top-notch professional hair care experts.

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